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Special Needs Equipment > Special Needs Equipment Manual > CHAPTER 7: Bathroom Accessories
Folder: 7.01 Transfer Tub Seat7.01 Transfer Tub Seat10/24/2013 9:30 AM
Folder: 7.02 Stationary Commode7.02 Stationary Commode10/24/2013 9:31 AM
Folder: 7.03 Combination Commode7.03 Combination Commode10/24/2013 9:31 AM
Folder: 7.04 Child's Commode7.04 Child's Commode10/24/2013 9:31 AM
Folder: 7.05 Bath Tub Lift7.05 Bath Tub Lift4/3/2014 9:21 AM
Folder: 7.06 Bath Tub Clamp7.06 Bath Tub Clamp4/3/2014 9:21 AM
Folder: 7.07 Wall Bars7.07 Wall Bars10/24/2013 9:31 AM
Folder: 7.08 Utility Bath Seat with Back7.08 Utility Bath Seat with Back10/24/2013 9:31 AM
Folder: 7.09 Utility Bath Seat without Back7.09 Utility Bath Seat without Back10/24/2013 9:31 AM
Folder: 7.10 Raised Toilet Seat7.10 Raised Toilet Seat10/24/2013 9:20 AM
Folder: 7.11 Toilet Arm Rest Set7.11 Toilet Arm Rest Set10/24/2013 9:13 AM