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Policy Manual > CHAPTER 4: Programs and Services > 10 Service Delivery
Folder: 40.10.100 Principles40.10.100 Principles
Folder: 40.10.105 Admission to Programs40.10.105 Admission to Programs
Folder: 40.10.110 Statement of Client Rights and Responsibilities40.10.110 Statement of Client Rights and Responsibilities
Folder: 40.10.120 Client Orientation40.10.120 Client Orientation
Folder: 40.10.130 Confidentiality of Client Information40.10.130 Confidentiality of Client Information
Folder: 40.10.150 Client Service Agreement40.10.150 Client Service Agreement
Folder: 40.10.160 Family Involvement40.10.160 Family Involvement
Folder: 40.10.170 Access to, and Disclosure of, Client Information and Files, with and without Consent40.10.170 Access to, and Disclosure of, Client Information and Files, with and without Consent
Folder: 40.10.180 Client-Centred Programming40.10.180 Client-Centred Programming
Folder: 40.10.190 Client Files40.10.190 Client Files
Folder: 40.10.200 Client Appeal40.10.200 Client Appeal
Folder: 40.10.210 Client Abuse Prevention40.10.210 Client Abuse Prevention
Folder: 40.10.220 Comprehensive Behaviour Support40.10.220 Comprehensive Behaviour Support
Folder: 40.10.225 Restrictive Procedures40.10.225 Restrictive Procedures
Folder: 40.10.230 Person-Centred Plans40.10.230 Person-Centred Plans
Folder: 40.10.245 Suspension of Services40.10.245 Suspension of Services
Folder: 40.10.250 Medication Administration40.10.250 Medication Administration
Folder: 40.10.255 Personal and Intimate Care40.10.255 Personal and Intimate Care
Folder: 40.10.260 Client Support Team40.10.260 Client Support Team
Folder: 40.10.270 Transition from Programs40.10.270 Transition from Programs