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Policy Manual > CHAPTER 3: Administrative Overview > 20 Financial / Insurance
Folder: 30.20.100 Financial Management30.20.100 Financial Management
Folder: 30.20.110 Accounting Standards30.20.110 Accounting Standards
Folder: 30.20.120 Risk Management30.20.120 Risk Management
Folder: 30.20.130 Technology Systems and Continuity30.20.130 Technology Systems and Continuity
Folder: 30.20.140 Expense Reimbursement for Employees and Volunteers30.20.140 Expense Reimbursement for Employees and Volunteers
Folder: 30.20.150 Revenue Recognition30.20.150 Revenue Recognition
Folder: 30.20.160 Insurance Coverage30.20.160 Insurance Coverage
Folder: 30.20.170 Pension Plan Investments30.20.170 Pension Plan Investments
Folder: 30.20.180 Investments30.20.180 Investments
Folder: 30.20.190 Disposition of Gifts-in-Kind30.20.190 Disposition of Gifts-in-Kind
Folder: 30.20.200 Inventory30.20.200 Inventory
Folder: 30.20.210 Purchase of Goods and Services30.20.210 Purchase of Goods and Services
Folder: 30.20.220 Accounts Payable30.20.220 Accounts Payable
Folder: 30.20.230 Petty Cash Funds30.20.230 Petty Cash Funds
Folder: 30.20.240 Accounts Receivable30.20.240 Accounts Receivable
Folder: 30.20.250 Guidelines for Spending Priorities30.20.250 Guidelines for Spending Priorities
Folder: 30.20.260 Tendering of Significant Administrative Services30.20.260 Tendering of Significant Administrative Services
Folder: 30.20.270 Use of Estimates30.20.270 Use of Estimates
Folder: 30.20.280 Taxes30.20.280 Taxes
Folder: 30.20.290 Capital Assets30.20.290 Capital Assets
Folder: 30.20.300 Debt30.20.300 Debt
Folder: 30.20.310 Endowment Program30.20.310 Endowment Program
Folder: 30.20.320 Extending Credit30.20.320 Extending Credit
Folder: 30.20.330 Expense Recognition30.20.330 Expense Recognition
Folder: 30.20.340 Accounting Controls30.20.340 Accounting Controls
Folder: 30.20.350 Bank Accounts30.20.350 Bank Accounts
Folder: 30.20.400 Internally Restricted Funds30.20.400 Internally Restricted Funds
Folder: 30.20.410 Designated Funds30.20.410 Designated Funds