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Policy Manual > CHAPTER 3: Administrative Overview > 12 Pay and Benefits
Folder: 30.12.100 Compensation Program
Folder: 30.12.105 On-Call and Return to Duty
Folder: 30.12.110 Annual Vacation and Vacation Pay
Folder: 30.12.120 Public Holidays
Folder: 30.12.130 Summer Hours
Folder: 30.12.140 Short Term Illness Leave and Return to Work
Folder: 30.12.150 Leaves of Absence with Pay
Folder: 30.12.160 Leaves of Absence without Pay
Folder: 30.12.170 Meetings, Training and Conferences
Folder: 30.12.180 Educational Assistance
Folder: 30.12.190 Payment of Professional Fees
Folder: 30.12.200 Moving Expenses
Folder: 30.12.210 Employee and Family Assistance Program
Folder: 30.12.220 Job Sharing