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Policy Manual > CHAPTER 2: Board Governance > 20 Operating Overview
Folder: 20.20.100 Board Compensation20.20.100 Board Compensation
Folder: 20.20.110 Orientation and Continuing Education for Directors20.20.110 Orientation and Continuing Education for Directors
Folder: 20.20.120 Indemnification20.20.120 Indemnification
Folder: 20.20.130 Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance20.20.130 Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance
Folder: 20.20.140 Conflict of Interest for Directors20.20.140 Conflict of Interest for Directors
Folder: 20.20.145 Media Relations and Public Comment20.20.145 Media Relations and Public Comment
Folder: 20.20.150 Crisis Communication20.20.150 Crisis Communication
Folder: 20.20.155 Guidelines on Political Activities20.20.155 Guidelines on Political Activities
Folder: 20.20.160 Audit20.20.160 Audit
Folder: 20.20.170 Accommodation for Directors20.20.170 Accommodation for Directors
Folder: 20.20.180 Criminal Record Check Including Vulnerable Sector Search20.20.180 Criminal Record Check Including Vulnerable Sector Search
Folder: 20.20.190 Compliance with Legislation20.20.190 Compliance with Legislation
Folder: 20.20.200 Expense Reimbursement for Directors20.20.200 Expense Reimbursement for Directors