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Policy Manual > CHAPTER 2: Board Governance > 10 Corporate Structure
Folder: 20.10.100 Articles20.10.100 Articles
Folder: 20.10.110 Bylaws20.10.110 Bylaws
Folder: 20.10.120 Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Value Statement20.10.120 Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Value Statement
Folder: 20.10.130 Strategic Direction20.10.130 Strategic Direction
Folder: 20.10.140 Board Assessment20.10.140 Board Assessment
Folder: 20.10.150 Board Composition20.10.150 Board Composition
Folder: 20.10.155 Nomination of President and Vice-President20.10.155 Nomination of President and Vice-President
Folder: 20.10.160 Board Charter and Responsibilities20.10.160 Board Charter and Responsibilities
Folder: 20.10.170 Executive Director Accountability, Authority, and Responsibilities20.10.170 Executive Director Accountability, Authority, and Responsibilities
Folder: 20.10.175 Executive Director's Performance Review20.10.175 Executive Director's Performance Review
Folder: 20.10.180 Administrative Council20.10.180 Administrative Council
Folder: 20.10.190 Organizational Chart20.10.190 Organizational Chart
Folder: 20.10.200 Board Committees20.10.200 Board Committees
Folder: 20.10.210 Board Meeting Agenda20.10.210 Board Meeting Agenda
Folder: 20.10.220 Director Manual20.10.220 Director Manual